Calicut: Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad strongly condemned the demolition of the Ghareeb Nawaz Al Maroof Masjid, which residents of Barabanki district say was nearly 100 years old. “It is highly heinous, anti secularistic and the officials responsible should be brought to justice, with immediate effect”, he said.

The government should take steps to restore the Masjid in its original site. It is illogical and baseless to say that a century-old Masjid built in pre-independence times is an illegal construction.

It is equally reprehensible on the part of the local administration to raze down a place worship, that too during a time of epidemic, when people are worried and confined to their homes. This act is against the law of the country, misuse of the State power and in sheer violation of the orders passed by the Honourable High Court, in April 24, 2021.

Courts should exercise more care and caution when dealing with matters of belief and worship. Equality of justice and opportunity should be given to all religions and citizens. Discrimination towards any sect or belief is not at all desirable. Grand Mufti also said that the matter would be brought to the notice of the Prime Minister.