Delhi: The Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad said that the Constitution, which is resolved for the ultimate peace and progress of the people of India living in a diverse religious and social environment, should be held high to assure the security and protection of the people in its original sense. “Ours is an administrative structure that states that freedom and equality must be made available to all citizens in the preamble so must permit thought, expression, faith, religion and worship. In our country, which is home to diverse religious, cultural and linguistic communities, it is the values enshrined in the Constitution that unite all as Indians,” He said.

It is regretful that there has been a perversion in the recent times in the implementation and observance of the Constitutional values in the country. Instigating hatred and enmity between different communities breaks down India’s beautiful concept of secularism. Conflicts are never the solution; On the contrary, they threaten our peaceful life. Governments must prepare to teach constitutional lessons to all citizens. Those who read the Constitution once will understand the spirit of India and gradually focus on secularism, mutual love and the strengthening of democracy. Grand Mufti said, that this must be the effort of the Republic Day this year.