Kozhikode: Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, the Grand Mufti of India said in a press release that the democratically elected members of opposition parties should act responsibly in parliament. The principal duty of the opposition party in a democratic country is to resist and question the bills which are used to weaken the values of democracy. The bill on Triple Talaq passed in the Rajya Sabha on Monday was clearly by the cooperation of opposition. The absence of several members from the opposition while discussing the Bill, and the deliberate non-involvement in the voting are distrustful. Even having the majority in the Rajya Sabha, the opposition parties cunningly helped the government to pass the bill, and that is deceit to the people of India, though all of these members had secured seats with the support of minorities from the different states. The Bills the government of India must pass now is on productive actions to resolve the growing unemployment, to decrease communal clashes and to open more opportunities for higher studies to unprivileged students: he said.