Muscat(Oman): Sheikh Abukakr Ahmad, the Grand Mufti of India, said that Oman Sultanate’s efforts to maintain peace and harmony in the region in a globally noticeable way are highly laudable. The Grand Mufti was talking in a reception conference in Muscat, the capital city Oman. He has been visiting the country in order to participate in different conferences.
He added that Oman had developed a deep connection with India from antiquity, recalling the legendary figures like Cherman Perumal, the Keralite King, who is believed to be the first Muslim from South India and his Grave is situated in the coastal area of Salalah. Because, as historical evidence suggests, he died there while returning from Mecca to Kerala.
Oman’s Sultan His Highness Qaboos bin Said al Said’s style of implementing widely satisfactory progress in the country has been really remarkable. Thousands of Indian entrepreneurs and expatriates are working in different parts of Oman and definitely contribute to the development of the country with their knowledge and expertise as well as Oman as a flourished nation immensely provides, in return, what they need. This is possible because of the government’s highly considerable role in welcoming foreigners.
Grand Mufti of India also added, referring to the recently happened terrible attacks in Sri Lanka against Christian Believers and foreigners, that such criminals have no connection to Islam or any religion. Islam always stands for peace and harmony and such values can be seen everywhere the Muslim culture influenced. Oman Government’s approach to various religions thus, in a way is the influence of glorious Islamic ethics and culture.