New Delhi: The evil terrorists played behind the deadly attacks in Sri Lanka are the enemies of humanity and thus such extremist has no connection with Islam and its values: Said Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, The Grand Mufti of India and the General Secretary of All India Sunni Scholar Association. These terrorists act against Islam and all its spirits and they stand for what Islam strongly denounces as atrocious and inhumane. Suicide bombing is the most Horrocious way of killing somebody. No religion permits it. Islam tells clearly on Quran that whoever kills a single innocent person is like a person who kills the entire mankind. So, anybody who kills somebody will be a calamitous man according to the Islamic faith. Nobody will be an extremist or terrorists if he knows the true way of Islam which is highly tolerant and amicable. A monstrous terrorist is one who wants to kill himself, along with killing other innocents, having not any accountable reason. The Islamic belief from its origin to until today refute such barbaric inhumans. Also, The scholars of Islam authoritatively explain that those who deviate from the right path of Islam using the name of religion is not deserving even the basic addressing of Islam such as wishing ‘Salam’, or making marriage relationship with them. Everybody who planned the cruel attack should be caught soon, and given the hardest punishment. These kinds of criminals do not deserve any kind of sympathy: The Grand Mufti said.