Kozhikode: Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, the Grand Mufti of India,  stated in the  Tribute conference held in Calicut, Kerala in solidarity with the victims of the terror attack that what  the intention of terrorists was generating tensions among  different believers in New Zealand, but it was failed due to the intensive and heartily support of the prime minister of New Zealand and other government officials to those who lost beloveds and the country’s Muslims in  general.  He praised the caring activities of the government saying that the New Zealand Government is a model to the whole world. The increasing of Far-right anti-Muslim politics is a threat that some countries face today should be challenged in the New Zealand model, where none of the media nor person agreed this heinous act, rather they implement new laws such as complete gun control. Tolerance and Humanity should be widely spread over to every citizen everywhere, irrespective of one’s religion. The world becomes more calm and colourful when different faiths and ideas are being expressed together: He said.  Hundreds of believers gathered in the meeting.  The Grand Mufti had announced to conduct prayer meetings and special namaz in mosques yesterday after Friday Jumua prayer. He also had sent a condolence letter to the prime minister of New Zealand on Wednesday,  through the New Zealand ambassador in UAE.