New Delhi: Muslim scholars selected Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar as Grand Mufti of Sunni-Sufi Muslim community in India. He was named as Grand Mufti at the Gareeb Nawaz peace summit in New Delhi on Sunday. Kanthapuram is the first person from south India who was elected for the top position of Muslim community.
Believers at the summit unanimously welcomed the declaration on new Grand Mufti. With Grand Mufti title, Kanthapurm will be the supreme leader of Muslim community who believe in various madhab of Sunni and Sufi sects.
Addressing the event, Kanthapuram asked the believers to join hands together irrespective of the differences in their ideology.
Renowned Sufi scholar Hasrath Mannan Khan honoured Kanthapuram at the event.

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